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HCC Medical Insurance Services

A successful company is one built on a strong foundation that can support its boundless growth throughout the years. It demands the delivery of quality products and service nurtured by a culture of experience, knowledge, and cooperation. MultiNational Underwriters® and HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. are such companies. This is why.


MultiNational Underwriters® (MNU) was established in 1998. It quickly became a recognized leader in the field of international health insurance, offering a complete portfolio of health and life insurance products to customers in over 130 countries. Sensing the increasing acceptance of the Internet as a medium for commercial transactions, MNU was among the first to make insurance products and services available via the World Wide Web. This innovation has continued to evolve and, at present, MNU customers can review coverage options, obtain quotes, purchase insurance and receive their insurance documents - all electronically, without human intervention, 24 hours a day. Today, many thousands of international insurance professionals host MNU’s electronic tools on their websites, and this number continues to grow. MNU’s entrepreneurial spirit does not stop in the marketing department.

From its beginning, MNU has focused on providing superior customer service. Emphasizing creative yet solid solutions to the administrative difficulties and service barriers inherent in the international market, MNU has attracted a team of professionals – including underwriters, claims analysts, and customer service specialists – that are unrivaled in today’s market. Augmented by state-of-the-art information technology services, MNU delivers on its promise of astonishing service that adapts to the changing needs of its customers.

MNU was purchased by the Noel Group, LLC, in 2002. This unique and progressive organization, with service offices throughout the world, positioned MNU to transform its customer service department to a full travel and international assistance platform. This allowed MNU to enhance and expand its product offerings, and enthusiastically face the challenges of the ever changing global marketplace.

In January 2008, MultiNational Underwriters® was acquired by HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HCC). Headquartered in Houston, Texas, HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (HCC) is a leading international specialty insurance group with offices across the United States and in Bermuda, Spain, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The acquisition by HCC allows MultiNational Underwriters® to expand its reach in the brokerage community. HCC has assets of more than $8.0 billion, shareholders’ equity in excess of $2.3 billion and is rated AA (Very Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, AA (Very Strong) by Fitch Ratings and A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.

Product Excellence

MNU’s innovative products are known and used daily by many thousands of individuals, families, corporations and service groups around the world. These products are all designed with the unique needs of the international market in mind.

The International Market Includes:

- Non-U.S. citizens traveling or residing outside of their home country, or desiring to supplement their home country health insurance plans.
- U.S. Citizens traveling or residing outside of their home country.
- U.S.-based corporations with employees and their families traveling or residing abroad.
- Non-U.S.-based corporations with employees and their families traveling or residing outside their home country.

Mission-sending organizations with missionaries serving outside their home country.

Colleges and universities with students or teachers and their families traveling or residing outside their home country.

All of HCC Medical Insurance Services´s products include a full array of assistance services, designed to help take the hassle out of international travel and living. These assistance services set HCC Medical Insurance Servicess products apart from the competition and make MNU the most responsive company in the international market. Individual brochures of our complete product offerings may be found in our forms library.


Traditional Midwestern values coupled with state-of-the-art information and telecommunications technology form the foundation of HCC Medical Insurance Services’s customer service capabilities. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, HCC Medical Insurance Services’s team of customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to customer needs. HCC Medical Insurance Services’s team has instant access to service specialists located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Brighton, England; Toronto; Moscow; and Buenos Aires. No matter the time zone, no matter the language, no matter the culture, MNU has the resources to provide its customers with the service they need, when and where they need it most.

The need may be as simple as replacing a health insurance identification card or as complex as coordinating an emergency evacuation. In any case, MNU is there around the clock. While we pride ourselves on delivering our products electronically, we also realize that computers can never replace a knowledgeable and compassionate voice in a time of need. Well-trained and experienced people are available all day, every day. This is truly "Health Coverage that Goes Far and Beyond."


Culture must be experienced. It cannot be adequately communicated by the printed word or with pictures. MNU strives to create an environment where happy, experienced and well-trained employees want to give astonishing service. We strive for product excellence and succeed because of our hardworking and knowledgeable staff. MNU offers technology with a human touch. Our staff has developed this touch by embracing proven habits of success, by regularly sharing insights, and by sharpening the skills that make them great at what they do. While growing revenues and increasing profits are important, MNU recognizes the need to give back to the local and global communities where we do business. Our companies and its employees are involved in a number of diverse projects that help children, the disadvantaged, and promote health care education and diversity. MNU invites you to experience the difference that an enlightened corporate culture can make.

Seguros para viajesSeguros para viajes
Seguros de viaje   Seguro medico internacional
Asistencia en viaje Asistencia al viajero
Seguros de viaje   Seguro medico internacional
Asistencia en viaje Asistencia al viajero
Seguros de viaje   Seguro medico internacional


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